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CJAP ›› 2020, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (6): 633-636.doi: 10.12047/j.cjap.6026.2020.132

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Effects of Toosendanin on the formation of CTPS cytoophidium in human gastric cancer cell MKN-45 and its mechanism

CHEN Wen1, ZHANG Wei-wei1,2△, PAN Yang1, LIU Chang1, SHAO Shu-li1,2   

  1. 1. College of Life Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Qiqihar161006, China;
    2. Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Resistance Gene Engineering and Protection of Biodiversity in Cold Areas, Qiqihar University, Qiqihar161006, China
  • Received:2020-03-06 Revised:2020-11-25 Online:2020-11-28 Published:2021-03-15

Abstract: Objective: To investigate the relationship between toosendanin(TSN) and CTP synthase(CTPS) cytoophidium formation in gastric cancer MKN-45 cells. Methods: In this study, the experimental material is MKN-45 human gastric cancer cells. It contains 7 treatment groups of 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 nmol/L TSN. Each group was treated in triplex privately for 24、48 and 72 hours. Cell counting kit-8 (CCK8) was used to detect the inhibitory effect of TSN on the proliferation of MKN-45 cells. After immunofluorescence detection, the morphology of CTPS cells was observed by a laser confocal microscope. The effect of TSN on MYC gene expression was detected by qRT-PCR. In addition, it contains 2 treatment groups of 1 mmol/L DON and 1 mmol/L MPA, each group was treated in triplex privately for 6 hours and then the cytoophidium morphology was detected by immunofluorescence. Results: The results of immunofluorescence showed that CTPS formed a filamentous cytoophidium structure after treating MKN-45 cells with 1 mmol/L DON and 1 mmol/L MPA, which means that the cells have the ability to form CTPS cytoophidium; The cell proliferation rate of TSN treatment group was significantly lower than that of 0 nmol / L TSN group (P<0.01); Immunofluorescence results showed that CTPS cytoophidium was the most abundant in MKN-45 cells after treated with 80 nmol/L TSN for 72 h. The results of qRT-PCR showed that MYC expression in cells was significantly decreased after treated with 80 nmol/L TSN for 24 h (P<0.05), and MYC expression was significantly increased after 48 h (P<0.01), and then decreased. Conclusion: Toosendanin may affect intracellular cytoophidium assembling by regulating the expression of MYC.

Key words: Toosendanin, CTPS cytoophidium, MYC, MKN-45 cell

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